Why LightRay UVC?

Our Medical Grade UVC 855 Watt & 95 Watt handheld units maximize power & mobility emit at 254nm wavelength are so efficient & effective solutions for reducing unwanted surface and airborne microbes in all environments, that we can turn over a 10x10 space in a matter of minutes. By adopting LightRay UVC disinfection technology will complement your existing cleaning process without requiring additional full-time employees.

Employing a UVC disinfection system in your facility can combat the spread of dangerous infections, leading to better staff, students, residents & clients care and long-term saving for the facility.

Reduce Infections, Ensure Safety, & Maximize Confidence

Employing a UVC/UV disinfection system can be a critical differentiator for your business and keeping the doors open. Incorporating LightRay UVC mobile service to your daily/weekly cleaning efforts will lessen the risk of human error in infection prevention. Promoting your business use of UVC disinfection reassures your staff, patients, clients confidence in your service/location and can even be a sales tool to convince others to consider moving to your place of business because of the added level of protection that LightRay UVC will deliver.

UVC Disinfection Benefits

  • Acts as an adjunct to manual cleaning to help reduce the pool of pathogens present in the facility environment
  • Lessens the human error factor by delivering proven, doses of UV light to eradicate pathogens
  • Proactively reduces the additional costs incurred with treating infections and diseases among staff, students, residents & clients
  • Reduces post-infection cleaning service costs by preventing infection spread vs. addressing an outbreak

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