Our Mission

LightRay UVC is focused on providing the highest level 99.99% of disinfection! The use of UVC Light is administered dry with no residue for optimal effectiveness on areas that manual cleaning and other technology cannot reach penetrating to eradicate viruses, bacteria and spores, delivering the new standard of clean. Our mobile service delivers hassle-free, reliable and cost-effective solutions to keep your BUSINESS OPEN & employees, customers, patients & family safe

Our Focus

We provide clinical level disinfection on everyday space for your Employees, Clients & Family using UVC Light Disinfection technology. LightRay UVC provides a safe, chemical-free solution to eliminate 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria & mold on treated surfaces in business and residential. Now more than ever it is critical that todays businesses ensure that infectious diseases do not spread from surface to surface, room to room, floor to floor, and between employees, clients & residents.

Don’t Put Your Employees, Clients & Students Health At Risk.

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