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Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers 

Our Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers have brought UV disinfection to another level. From its stainless steel cage to its integrated handle and remote control feature, these towers provide high-quality, safe disinfection. Our UVC Towers are fitting for hospitals, assisted living, schools, gyms, homes, and more. 

Recently, we've had many clients purchase this product for their facilities. Kin On Assisted Living, located in Seattle Washington, recently purchased two of our Safezone 850 Watt Towers. Kin On provides healthcare solutions for Asian elders and their families. They prioritize customer, staff, and patient safety, which is why they reached out to us to find out which of their products would best suit their facility. 

The Nisqually Indian Tribe, located in Washington state, about 15 miles from Olympia,  also purchased eight of our Safezone Towers. The reservation, which sits on the Nisqually River in Rural Thurston County, has many facilities that would benefit from additional disinfection as people enter and exit. 

Grit City Wellness, located in Tacoma Washington, purchased one of our Safezone Towers. Grit City Wellness is a fitness center and recovery club that offers fitness classes, yoga, nutritional therapy, and more. Between the large number of people who come to exercise, it’s essential to disinfect rooms and equipment between each use. That’s why Grit City turned to our high-quality and technologically advanced products to deliver a high level of sterilization. 

Dual Motion Sensor 95-Watt Tabletop Surface UVC

Our Dual Motion 95-watt Tabletop Surface UVC is a perfect disinfection system for homes or other facilities. We pride ourselves on the versatility of all our products. This new tabletop Surface UVC has taken home disinfection a step further with its unique features, such as a radio frequency remote control, digital display for status and run time indication, and its dual motion sensor, which automatically turns the machine off if a person or pet enters the room. UVC light eliminates harmful microorganisms that can easily spread and cause illnesses (such as the cold flu, salmonella, and pneumonia). 

Bastyr University California (BUC), located in San Diego, purchased two of our 95-watt Tabletop Surface UVC Sanitizers. Since its inception in 2012, BUC has educated leaders in the natural health arts and sciences. BUC has become an integral part of the community, serving patients at the Bastyr University Clinic and multiple external sites.  Additionally, Bastyr students benefit from exposure to San Diego’s life science industry and integrative health community, which is rich in research and career opportunities. 

Kin On Assisted Living, located in Seattle Washington, purchased one of our Tabletop Surface UVC sensors. Kin On provides healthcare solutions for Asian elders and their families. They turned to our line of products to improve their disinfection process.

GermAway UV Premium 36 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Cleaner

Our line of GermAway products provides powerful disinfection to any surface, whether it be a table, countertop, food preparation area, etc. This lightweight, easy-to-use handheld cleaner eliminates harmful bacteria that can congregate and spread on your surfaces. Featuring a 92-inch power cord, ergonomic design, and safety glass and disinfection visualizer strips, this surface cleaner is a powerful solution to any harmful bacteria and microorganisms that may reside. 

Grit City Wellness recently purchased one of our GermAway UV 36 Watt Handheld Surface Cleaners. As a fitness center that uses exercise equipment, yoga equipment, and other tools, Grit City Wellness is increasing its health and safety protocols by purchasing our products.