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Jefferson Regional Medical Centers use our Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers to prioritize health safety

At Lightray UVC, we offer a variety of high-tech UVC equipment designed to be utilized in multiple workplace environments. Our Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers are perfect for hospitals, assisted living, schools, churches, daycare, gyms, etc. It features a stainless steel cage, integrated handle, cord wrap, remote control, and more. The Safezone Tower also has 360-degree motion sensing technology, making it more effective in destroying germs and bacteria that may reside in the room. This ultraportable tower is our most cost-effective product, featuring 95-watt bulbs for revolutionary decontamination. 

Jefferson Regional Medical Centers, based in Arkansas, recently purchased 37 of our Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers. Owning and operating more than 18 clinics in SE Arkansas, they turned to our Safezone product line to find high-quality ways to prioritize safety and effectively eliminate bacteria that can cause illnesses. 

It’s vital for medical facilities to combat harmful bacteria (airborne or surface borne). UVC lights can decrease the spread of viruses and infections that may be introduced by sick patients. For the health and safety of the staff and patients, it’s critical to use UV light to eliminate any germs or viruses in the building. Through their large purchase of our Safezone Towers, Jefferson Regional Medical Center can rest assured they are prioritizing health and safety, and effectively destroying residual germs. 

What are the advantages of using UV-C light? 

Disinfecting with UV-C light eliminates the need to use harsh or potentially toxic chemicals, and no chemical residues are left behind. UV-C light can sanitize both the air and surfaces. Entire rooms can be disinfected, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and hampers. Items that might be damaged using traditional disinfectants can be sterilized using UV-C; facial masks, mail, delivered packages, cell phones, tablets, keyboards, electric shavers, etc. In killing bacteria, you can also eliminate the odors they may cause (like in shoes, laundry hampers, and refrigerators). 

At 6 inches away from a surface, UV-C light can kill the average bacteria within 10 seconds. UV-C light can sanitize hard-to-clean nooks and crannies that might be missed with traditional cleaning methods. UV-C light is effective against “superbugs” that are resistant to antibiotics. It can inactivate 90% of spore-forming bacteria within 40 seconds.