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Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers  Our Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers have brought UV disinfection to another level. From its stainless steel cage to its integrated handle and remote control feature, these towers provide high-quality, safe disinfection. Our UVC Towers are fitting for hospitals, assisted living, schools, gyms, homes, and more.  Recently, we've had many clients purchase this product for their facilities. Kin On Assisted Living, located in Seattle Washington, recently purchased... Read More

Jefferson Regional Medical Centers use our Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers to prioritize health safety

At Lightray UVC, we offer a variety of high-tech UVC equipment designed to be utilized in multiple workplace environments. Our Safezone 850 Max UVC Towers are perfect for hospitals, assisted living, schools, churches, daycare, gyms, etc. It features a stainless steel cage, integrated handle, cord wrap, remote control, and more. The Safezone Tower also has 360-degree motion sensing technology, making it more effective in destroying germs and bacteria that may reside in the room. This ultraportabl... Read More

Handheld vs Whole Room Sterilization

Room Sterilizers In a study sponsored by the EPA, 87% is the average amount of time that we spend indoors. This makes sense but is troubling when you combine it with another story; according to other studies done by the EPA, during that time you’ll be exposed to 2 to 5 times more pollutants than you would be outdoors. It somewhat intuitively turns out that indoor air is just outdoor air combined with pollutants, trace chemicals, and other potentially harmful microbes. The result? Headache... Read More

Commercial Deep Disinfectant Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, LightRay UVC is an undisputed leader.  With a background in commercial janitorial services, founder Chris Cunningham understands the needs of both King County’s commercial companies and residential homes when it comes to cleaning requirements and expectations. The value and importance of professional grade cleaning and disinfection services has never been more important than in these times.  With the rise of the virus that causes c... Read More

Air Spreading Resource Videos

3d Model of a Person Coughing in an Indoor Environment   Modeling to Show How Aerosols Move Indoors   Infrared Video Shows the Risk of Airborne Coronavirus Spread   How Gatherings of People Increase the Risk of Coronavirus Exposure   Why Aerosol vs Droplets Transmission of Covid 19 Matters Read More

Type of UV Disinfection Equipment

Not only is the equipment safe and effective, but so is the process. From 18 Watt Commercial Grade Handhelds to 2300 Watt Portable Towers we have you protected contact us for more information. When dealing with ultraviolet systems or UV systems, it’s important to stress the high quality, top of the line nature of LightRay UVC’s equipment. UVC Cleaning Systems devices are Germicidal Ultraviolet C (UVC) decontamination products that are designed to be very mobile and easy ... Read More

Electrostatic Disinfection Services v.s UVC Infeciton Control

When it comes to disinfection services, as well as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects, consumers are starting to shift away from traditional disinfection agents. It’s entirely understandable: janitorial cleaning agents like dusting or using Clorox may be tried and true. They often do little more than spreading around dirt and dust, redistributing germs and bacteria into the air and onto other surfaces. Additionally, wet dusting often involves the use of cleaning chemicals and a... Read More

How Long Does It Take To Sterilize Surfaces With UV Light?

100 years ago, scientists discovered something revolutionary: if you exposed pathogens to ultraviolet (UV) light, it was difficult for those germs to reproduce.  They specifically discovered that light in the 254 nanometer (254 nm) range effectively inactivated germs and pathogens.  (All ultraviolet light is calculated on a UV wavelength.) As a result, today it is common for disinfection technology to incorporate ultraviolet light (specifically UV light in the UVC spectrum) in order ... Read More

UV Disinfection In The News

IUVA Fact Sheet on UV Disinfection for COVID-19 Ultraviolet Light Kills Coronavirus, But Caution Required Germicidal Ambient Lighting Has Potential But Caution Is Warranted Ultraviolet lights used in fight against COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 UV Dose-Response Behavior (PDF) Far-UVC light could be 'game changer' in coronavirus fight, researchers say This former NASA scientist wants to fight coronavirus with ultraviolet light The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality Using UV light to kill ... Read More

The Power of Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer

A recent EPA study revealed that we spend an average of 87% of our time indoors, which can be troubling when you consider that you’ll be exposed to 2 to 5 times more pollutants indoors than you would be outdoors. It turns out that indoor air is just outdoor air combined with pollutants, trace chemicals, and other potentially harmful microbes. The result? Headaches, allergies, flu outbreaks, colds, eyes irritation, runny noses, scratchy throats, etc. How best to battle these pollutants ... Read More